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Koala Dream Soother

Koala Dream Soother

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Help Your Baby Drift Off to Dreamland With This Cute White Noise Machine


Soothe Your Baby: Delight your little one with 10 calming melodies and gentle white noise options designed to promote peaceful sleep.

Cute Koala Companion: Enhance your nursery with the adorable koala design that doubles as a comforting sleep aid for your baby.

Safe Sleep Solution: Utilize the timed shutdown feature to ensure a secure and tranquil sleeping environment for your precious baby.

Convenient for Parents: Compact and easy to use, the Koala Dream Soother is a parent's best ally for creating soothing bedtime routines.

On-the-Go Comfort: Take the Koala Dream Soother anywhere to provide familiar and calming sounds for your baby's naptime or bedtime routine.

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